What Sets Us Apart

Our mission at Greencastle Pediatric Dentistry is to enhance the quality of life for all children who come to us for their healthcare. We are committed to excellence in our treatment results. Equally as important, we are committed to the creation of an environment that is open, friendly and a fun place to be. When someone leaves our office, we want them to feel better about themselves. We dedicate our time, talents and energy to this objective.

Here are all the different ways we stay true to our mission:

We value you and your family. Our team is made of mostly mothers that enable us to tailor everything we do from a parents’ perspective and we take care of our patients the way we would want our own children to be taken care of.

We are adaptable to your needs. It is our mission to make families feel welcome to share their views and concerns. We listen to and respect the unique needs of parents and children and provide the best standard of care. We are a Medicaid provider and the only pediatric dentist in our county and we see children with special needs and are proud to take care of our community!

Appointments today, skills for life. We hope to instill good dental practices in children and invite them to form a positive attitude toward dental health and treatment. That’s why we provide care in a fun, warm, and welcoming environment.

No, really. We make it fun. Nemo and Dory (our colorful fish) are in the waiting area in their saltwater aquarium. They live really close to the toy room with video games, so patients and siblings can wait while treatment is being done. We have awesome prizes for the kiddos to choose from for completing their visit. We have TVs in every room and on the ceilings for when the kiddos are laid back to watch movies during their appointments. Plus, we have had an annual Patient Appreciation Pool Party for the last six years for our patients and their families.

Please contact our Greencastle pediatric dental practice to learn more about the care we provide and schedule an appointment.